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It's pretty awesome. Did you sing this yourself? It's not half bad. :3 Guitars sound nice and clear but like the guy below me said some percussion would have been nice.

Other than that I enjoyed this a lot, would love to hear more!

DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the comment!
Yes im the singer in the song :)

This is beautiful. It really evokes feelings of loss and longing in me. Portraying those feelings like that is something I feel doesn't happen often enough when I listen to music nowdays. The fact this is an improv is amazing as well. I really feel connected to what you're trying to convey in this piece. Beautiful work all around and I'd love to hear more like this in the future.

BlazingDragon responds:

I'm always hesitant to post improvisations because I feel like I'm cheating. They come so naturally that it feels I'm not giving my audience the hard work they deserve as they give their time to listen. It's strange though, because my improvisation are often just as good or better than my compositions. Maybe it's because my improvs are more emotionally unrestrained?

I'm glad you like this. Your review makes me think that I should go with my strengths and post more improvisations in the future, so thank you very much. :)

Lovely. It's very well done and keeps the feel of the original quite well. It would have been nice if you had added a bit of your own flavor to the track but either way it's a great piece. Great job.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. I like the music of these old snes games. I've always been curious what they would sound when the sound and mix was as good as the composition. There are a lot of remixes out there that sound great, but usually the creator puts a lot of her/himself in it. It's just not the same song anymore. I always thought that a bit of a waste. Most of the time, the things the remixer add aren't even as good as the rest. That's why at a certain point I decided to make my own remixes of snes games, where I try to remain as truthful to the original as I can but with better sounds, a more human touch and as good mixing as I can. I know Newgrounds doesn't stimulate this, because it's less original, or too easy. But it's the kind of addaptation I always wanted to hear. Even without changing a single note, you can put as much effort time and skill as you want in making a song sound absolutely perfect. Not that I actually can make it sound perfect, but that's what I want.

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This is cute. :3 I've been dying to play this game for a long time too but I haven't been able to. :[

Jessismith responds:

Thanks buddy!!! :D

Aww. :( Let me know if you ever get it in the future. If you're on the Xbox 360, we could swap pawns and stuff. :)

You would definitely love this game. I've been playing it almost nonstop for months and I'm still in love with it. :3


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